Employer Spotlight: KraftHeinz



A Taste of Inclusivity: Inside Kraft Heinz’s Diverse World

Welcome to an exciting collaboration where we bring you an exclusive glimpse into a company that’s redefining workplace equality and inclusion. We are thrilled to introduce you to our valued partner, Kraft Heinz, a company that goes beyond condiments to create a culture of diversity, opportunity, and innovation.

In this special spotlight, we will take a look at all things Kraft Heinz, exploring their workforce and the initiatives that make them a true leader in the consumer product goods industry. Join us as we uncover the ingredients that make Kraft Heinz an exceptional place to work, where diversity isn’t just a word but something they demand.


Beyond Culinary Boundaries:

Kraft Heinz is a global food company with a rich and delicious heritage, boasting a wide range of iconic and emerging food and beverage brands that grace tables around the world. Their mission extends beyond mere business disruption, as they seek to revolutionize the entire global food industry. They also believe in being good humans, who are working to improve not only their company, but communities and our planet.

At Kraft Heinz they come together as an organization to pursue one main purpose, To Make Life Delicious for all. They hold this as their greatest opportunity and responsibility. By leveraging their size, resources and reach, as employees and as a Company, they connect to communities each year through a variety of corporate social responsibility initiatives.


Championing Diversity, Inclusivity, and Belonging:

Kraft Heinz believes that diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging helps connect with their consumers, and also attract and grow employees. At Kraft Heinz diversity is not just a word, it is an action. “We Demand Diversity” is one of their core values they live by every day. To them it means “We are inclusive. All voices matter. We will not just listen, but truly work to hear different points of view. Diverse backgrounds and perspectives make us stronger, more interesting, and innovative.”


Kraft Heinz has set goals to ensure they are living by the words they speak. By 2025 they

  • Aim to achieve gender parity within management positions
  • Aim to achieve demographic parity in the countries in which they operate.
    • In the U.S., by 2025, they aim for People of Color to represent 30% of the salaried employee population.
    • In Brazil, by 2025, they aim for people who identify as Pretos e Pardos to represent 40% of the salaried employee population.
    • In the UK, by 2025, they aim for people who identify as ethnic minorities to represent 17% of the salaried employee population.


In addition to their future goals in 2023 they have participated in; Global Observances (Int’l Women’s Day, Pride and Persons with Disabilities), a number of external indices and benchmarking surveys, Moments that matter; Black History Month initiatives, Women’s History Month initiatives, API Month initiatives, Latin American History Month initiatives, Veteran’s Day initiative, Juneteenth, and the LiveWell Expo.


A Culture of Empowerment:

Kraft Heinz leadership principles “Work as a Team, Inspire Excellence, and Navigate Our Future” serve as a roadmap on how they will deliver results and activate their core values. It’s up to all Kraft Heinz employees to develop their leadership skills, regardless of their job title or level within the Company. They recognize that strong leaders don’t just happen – they must be developed in order for them to grow their global business, grow high-performing people and teams, and live out their value “We champion great people”.


Since 2016, Kraft Heinz has enabled groups and individuals to form and lead Business Resource Groups (BRGs), to help foster diversity, inclusion, and belonging for all employees. These groups offer learning and development opportunities, assist in talent recruitment, and create a network of support for employees. BRGs across our global footprint include:

  • Asian Pacific Islander BRG (U.S. & Canada)
  • Black BRG (U.S. & Canada)
  • LGBTQ+ BRG – KH Pride (U.S. & Canada) and Proudz (Europe)
  • LiveWell BRG – Health & Wellness (Australia/New Zealand, Netherlands, and U.K.)
  • Reconciliation Action Plan BRG (Australia)
  • Sabor BRG – Latin American /Hispanic (U.S. & Canada)
  • The 57 BRG (Netherlands and U.K.)
  • Veterans’ BRG (U.S. & Canada)
  • Women’s BRG and Gender Equality Network BRG (Europe, U.S. & Canada)


Kraft Heinz is also committed to addressing issues of inequality as part of their ongoing journey. They offer an array of trainings through various partnerships.





(Members of a Black BRG at a Kraft Heinz Helps Community Event)







Growing Talent

Kraft Heinz recruiters uphold the value of “We Demand Diversity” in a multitude of ways. They partner with diverse organizations to support a community-based integration, meeting their diverse populations where they are. They also hold their internal teams accountable to a diversity of slate key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the ability to curate a truly diverse talent pool applicable to a specific role which allows hiring teams to eliminate any biases that may be present. They benchmark their hiring efforts against both industry peers and the general population to make sure they can be purposeful in reflecting the population at large.

Another one of Kraft Heinz’s core values is “We champion great people.” Through their award-winning learning ecosystem, they advance personal and professional development across the globe and in multiple languages. They promote candid and constructive feedback, regular coaching, and mentoring. They have also created development programs and experiences for women and people of color to foster inclusion and belonging. The WE Network, WeLead, Linkage Women in Leadership Institute, Stanford Black Leaders Program, and Mentor KHC are examples of such programs


Notable Achievements

In 2020, Kraft Heinz formed a Global Inclusion Council, chaired by the CEO, Miguel Patricio with membership including the Chief Learning and Diversity Officer, two members of the Kraft Heinz board among others.

In 2023 they have added the Disabilitiez BRG to their slate which created a total of 7 BRGs.

To date for 2023, they have won multiple awards and recognitions to include; America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity (Newsweek), I&D Impact Awards 2023, Diversity First Top 50 CEOs, Diversity First Top 50 Companies for Diversity


Your Journey Begins with Kraft Heinz:

Kraft Heinz is more than a mere food company; it’s a global powerhouse with a heritage steeped in the art of creating delicious moments. Their mission to “Make Life Delicious for all” extends not only to their rich array of food and beverage brands but also to their profound dedication to improving communities around the world.

They don’t just preach diversity; they embody it. “We Demand Diversity” isn’t a slogan but a daily commitment, where inclusion is a way of life. Their ambitious goals for achieving gender and demographic parity are a testament to the real actions they take to create a stronger, more innovative workplace.

For those who seek a workplace where their unique perspectives are celebrated, their voices are heard, and their potential is nurtured, Kraft Heinz is an exciting and attractive destination. If you want to be a part of a company that’s reshaping the food industry, promoting innovation, and advancing workplace equality, Kraft Heinz is for you. View their current inclusive job openings today!